‘Honor is a joy to work with – her artistic creative talent and energy mix brilliantly with her excellent project management’  – Ruth Evans, Welsh National Opera Producer

“I worked with Honor on a project looking at how Welsh Baccalaureate students can engage with art galleries. She managed to combine excellent organisation with a very high quality creative input, leading to students producing attractive and saleable artwork for the gallery shop. The students were able to experience the process of harnessing their creativity without losing sight of the business context, including market research, presentation and
marketing. Honor’s skills – especially creativity, management, attention to detail and persistence – led to some superb learning outcomes which went well beyond the intended educational objectives.”
Robin Clutterbuck, Museum and Gallery Learning Consultant


“It has been a pleasure to work as practitioners with Honor. Both the council and the children are very lucky to have such a committed and enthusiastic facilitator. Honor ensures that the practicalities of the job, such as arranging venues, registration, timings and parental permissions are all dealt with very effectively. All the details are well communicated to all stakeholders and she seeks their ideas and involvement in making arrangements. Honor has a ‘hands on’ approach that is appreciated by children, parents and practitioners alike. Honor shares with the children (and their parents and carers) her excitement and enthusiasm for the arts. She promotes challenging and creative opportunities for them to develop their skills and self expression.”
Mai Thomas, Artist a Athrawes Richard Boswell, Writer and Schools Inspector